Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something New and Different - The Canada Winter Games - Freestyle Skiing

I was fortunate enough to obtain media accreditation allowing me to attend the Canada Winter Games. I was mainly interested in the Freestyle Ski events at Ski Wentworth, so I went on four days, to see
  1. Halfpipe Competition
  2. Aerials
  3. Moguls
  4. Dual Moguls
All of these events were truly remarkable, and the athletes competing were fearless on the steep slopes and the jumps. Some of the hills were difficult to even stand on, let alone do the trick skiing. It's a good thing the organizers offered snowmobile rides UP to where the events were being held, even if one had to walk back down the hill! Here's just a sampling of the pics I managed to get. As you can see, the weather was almost perfect.